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PILLAR Mascot Challenge
PILLAR recently held a contest in which all local high school student were invited to participate The goal? Select a mascot for PILLAR. PILLAR asked students that have a love of art and for our community to submit a colorful pencil drawing that would educate, inspire, and motivate peers to take a positive action against bullying. The criteria was simple: Be a high school student, complete the drawing on a white poster board, use only color pencils, and most importantly, have an anti-bullying message. 

The PILLAR board of directors were called upon to judge the submissions. The judges carefully studied each entry and their corresponding message of anti-bullying. 
“The PILLAR Board had a very difficult time selecting the entry that best represented PILLAR’s mission and agenda,” said Arturo Diaz, Jr. PILLAR CEO and Co-Founder. “All of the entries were worthy of representing PILLAR as a mascot. That’s how tough the competition was and shows how great our artistic community is. The submissions were colorful, unique, dimensional, interesting, original, creative but most importantly, personal. Laredo has great talent, but unfortunately, only one entry could be selected. 

A total of 213 drawings were submitted for the contest with the winner being the noble protector and chivalrous “Knight” in shining armor. The designer of such a strong and beautiful submission was Catalina Berry. Catalina is a Senior at the Vidal M. Trevino Magnet for Arts and Sciences. The design submitted by Catalina depicts the brave knight standing tall and ready to protect while utilizing the healing colors of yellow and purple. The knights exudes bravery, courage, honor and gallantry while still remaining compassionate. 

When asked about why she chose a knight, Catalina stated that she drew the knight because a knight protects and comes to people’s aid. The knight is strong but caring and a protector. An interesting note on the design is that this knight has no weapon. Catalina explained that her knight only has a shield to protect you from bullies but no spear or lance because it does not believe in reciprocating in violence. 

In addition to bragging rights, Catalina was also presented with a $500 scholarship for her winning design. 

“In the coming months, we will have another contest to name the new mascot. We will be going to the middle and elementary schools so they can participate in the naming,” Diaz said. 

PILLAR encourages the public to stop by its office to view all the great submissions as the art will be displayed for the next several weeks.